Infographic: 5 Things Every Vendor Can Do To Build Stronger Channel Partner Relationships

The Channel is complicated. But three things underpin virtually everything…

Product…Program…and Partners.

Brenda O’Sullivan, Marketing Executive, Channel Mechanics

How do you improve Channel Partner Relationships? With increasing numbers of products emerging to the market, growth in channel sales are underpinned by programs that are sensible and workable along with people who understand the channel and influence internal issues for the better.

But Channel Partner Relationships can be complicated. With everyone working towards the same goal from a different perspective, it can lead to misunderstandings, disagreements and even on occasion, complacent attitudes….all of which have a negative impact on partner relationships.  However, even with the most difficult channel partner relationship, five imperatives emerge that can ensure better partnerships between vendors, resellers and distributors.


Infographic Stronger Channel Partner Relationships

Click Infographic to Download: 5 things Every Vendor Can Do To Build Stronger Channel Partner Relationships 


These imperatives are not new and can be found, in some form or another, within any conversation about business relationships or channel development. Remember, doing things simply and masterfully can go further than developing complex relationships.



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