eBook | Success Guide for Designing a Channel Incentives Programs

eBook | Success Guide for Designing Channel Incentive Programs

5 Factors that Influence Channel Incentive Scheme Design

Channel Incentive Design


The World Trade Organisation cites that 75% of world trade flows indirectly. That is, not through direct selling, but through channels, partnerships and alliances. So when it comes to being successful in the channel, you need channel partners that you can count on to sell your products. But how do you encourage partners to lead with your product, over your competitors? Undoubtedly, by designing the ultimate Channel Incentive program.


Without a doubt, a critical element of gaining partner mindshare in today’s increasingly competitive landscape is designing a channel incentives program that offers partners an attractive incentive. However, with the wide range and complexity of incentive schemes in circulation, vendors need well-defined processes, methods, tools and organizational structures to ensure they can design programs that stand out from the competition, both quickly and accurately.


This Channel Mechanics eBook outlines 5 factors that influence the Design of Channel Incentive Programs. In addition, we share some best practices on how you can streamline production of compelling incentive programs for your partners.


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Download our eBook now and discover our 5 Factors to ensure the ultimately designed Channel Incentive Program

        1. The Human Factor
        2. Incentive Scheme Requirements
        3. Incentive Scheme Workflow and Business Process
        4. Organization Structure
        5. Incentive Design Methodology & Tools


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