eBook | Success Guide for Launching Incentive Programs

eBook | Success Guide for Launching Incentive Programs


Launching Incentive Programs


Congratulations! It looks like you’ve got buy-in and approval from the relevant stakeholders for launching a channel incentive program. The next step is to ensure you launch an Incentive Program for partners that will be successful!


An incentive program, be it a gift card, travel voucher, monetary bonus or merchandise, is an important tool for helping companies to successfully achieve their business goals. Hence, it’s important to launch a successful program. To help, we’ve created this complimentary eBook “Success Guide for Launching Incentive Programs”, which outlines some of the key things that will position you for both launch success and adoption of your program. The eBook is based on our teams collective 150 person years experience working with customers in the Channel ecosystem.


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Download our eBook to discover our 6 Tips for Successfully Launching Incentives. Discover the key questions you need to ask and answer, ahead of time to ensure success:


        1. Why you are launching this incentive program?
        2. Who you are aiming to target?
        3. Where will you target the program?
        4. What Incentive should you launch?
        5. What launch platform should you utilize?
        6. How are you going to manage launch day?


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