eBook: The Definitive Guide To Keeping Channel Partners Engaged

The Definitive Guide to Keeping Channel Partners Engaged 


– Understanding Channel Trends and the Top 16 Reasons Channel Partners are dropping Vendors!

eBook Definitive Guide to Keeping Channel Partners Engaged

“Upwards of 43% of channel firms are exploring or actively shifting to new vendors”…CompTIA Report

Download our eBook “The Definitive Guide To Keeping Channel Partners Engaged”, to fully understand today’s Channel Trends and the Top 16 Reasons Channel Partners are dropping Vendors!


Today’s IT and Telco channels are going through a major transition, both at the vendor and partner levels. While the industry has always been in a state of change, this period is significantly more intense with new business model requirements, different competitive pressures, changing routes to market and a major shift in the customer buying journey.


With estimates of over a third of channel partners shutting down or getting acquired, as well as demographic shifts that predict 40% of the remaining partners retiring over the next 7 years, several new influencers are emerging to capture customer opportunity.  In fact, CompTIA predict that 75% of the industry will be comprised of millennials by the year 2024.  With 90% of customer technology decisions expected to be made by Lines of Business (LOB) professionals, it is critical to understand how the partner landscape is changing and what to do about it.


For vendors trying to protect their base of partners, or for those that are trying to disrupt their competition, this Definitive Guide to Keeping Channel Partners Engaged was created. Understanding these channel trends as well as the top 16 reasons partners are dropping vendors, will ensure you avoid common traps and build a robust program that will drive success both today and tomorrow.


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