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Ensuring Channel Incentives Deliver Partner Loyalty

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Channel Incentive Loyalty



If you missed our webinar “Ensuring Channel Incentives Deliver Partner Loyalty” with guest speakers, Paul Riordan, VP Channels International at Mitel, and Balaji Subramanian, Channel Leader at IGEL, we have some great news! The webinar is now available as a complimentary download.


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Ensuring Channel Incentives Deliver Partner Loyalty


When it comes to influencing partner behavior, channel incentives play a key role. As we see in the current climate, incentives have never been more important to ensure both partner loyalty and support. Consequently, the execution of incentive programs impact how successful they are; firstly, in terms of attracting and retaining the right partners; secondly in achieving desired outcomes at both partner and individual level and ultimately in gaining a competitive advantage.


Therefore, join Kenneth Fox and Guest Speakers, Paul Riordan, VP Channels International at Mitel and Balaji Subramanian, Channel Leader at IGEL as they discuss how to ensure Channel Incentives deliver partner loyalty:

– Firstly, Why Incentives matter

– Channel Evolution; the complexity and scale as it relates to Incentives

– Why Incentives delivered via a platform approach deliver Partner Loyalty

– Partner Program alignment

– Incentive models and their alignment by partner type

– Lastly, Determination of Partner targets and payouts



Just complete the form to download “Ensuring Channel Incentives Deliver Partner Loyalty”


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In addition, benchmark your channel incentive programs against similar companies, both large and small. Discover what percentage of channel partners participate in channel incentive programs. Finally, discover what vendors find the most challenging aspect of managing incentives.


Channel Incentives
Most Challenging Aspect of Managing Incentives



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