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Guidelines for a Successful MDF Program


Our webinar “Guiding Principles for a Successful MDF Program” is now available to watch on demand. Why not grab yourself a coffee and take a few minutes to listen in as our CEO Kenneth Fox is joined by three international channel pro guest speakers. Firstly,  Michele Lee, Channel Programs and Distribution Management with Juniper Networks, Ryan Griffis, Global Channel Programs Manager at Extreme Networks and James Reynolds, Channel Development Manager with Purechannels.


Are you wondering on the best approach for allocating MDF budget to your partners? Or maybe you are curious as to which activities to include in your MDF program? On the other hand, you might be interested to to know what metrics you should be measuring your MDF program against? Similarly, you may be just curious as to what other companies are doing to run successful MDF Programs. If so, we are sure you will pick up some good tips from the webinar recording.


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“Guiding Principles for a Successful MDF Program”


Join Channel Mechanics and special guest speakers Michele Lee, Ryan Griffis and James Reynolds, as they discuss their Guiding Principles for a Successful MDF Program. Discover:


–  Firstly, key elements to consider when setting overall program budget and partner allocation

–  Determining allowable program activities for an MDF Program

–  Ability to capture key metrics and measuring the ROI of successful MDF Programs

–  Dealing with regional variations when it comes to MDF allocation

–  Ensuring overall program alignment with a company’s channel strategy

–  Key takeaways

–  And finally, poll results and audience Q&A



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