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Incentive Models for the Changing Partner Ecosystem

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Incentive Models for the Changing Partner Ecosystem Webinar


If you missed our webinar “Incentive Models for the Changing Partner Ecosystem” with special guest presenter Rob Spree from Channel Journeys, we have some great news! The webinar is now available as a complimentary download.


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With new partners looking more like influencers, advocates and alliances, there is a fundamental change in how incentives programs work. Therefore, it’s time to stop wasting money on ineffective incentives and start using incentives that are beneficial to both you and your partners. Above all, this will result is the achievement of the mutual goals you and your channel partners have set.


Listen as guest speaker Rob Spee and Kenneth Fox discuss:

  • What the changing partner ecosystem looks like.
  • The new Partner types: Influencers, Referral Partners, Affiliates, Developer Partners, Resellers, MSPs and System and Software Integrators.
  • What type of Incentives you need to offer to attract these new partner types?
  • The type of Incentive models that motivate the new partner ecosystem


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The Changing Partner Ecosystem

Listen as Rob discusses the changing partner ecosystem created as the channel explodes with new partner types. While this changing partner ecosystem is creating multiple opportunities for vendors, it also brings more complexity and challenges to think about.

Channel Partner Types


Also, listen as we put audience questions to the panelists. Learn what kind of programs work best for Long Tail/Low Touch partners? Whether incentivizing a consultant is a good idea or whether the structure of a partner program needs to change based on geography such as North America, LATAM, APAC, EMEA?


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