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Our webinar “How To Take your SaaS Solutions to Market via the Channel” is now available to download on demand. Why not grab a coffee and listen in as our CEO Kenneth Fox is joined by guest speakers, Nehul Goradia, Co-Founder Enabler ONE, and John McArdle, VP of Sales at Channel Mechanics to discuss everything you need to know about how companies are taking their SaaS solutions to market via the Channel. So if you’re looking to learn what SaaS Pricing models vendors are utilizing to win new business or what the best metrics to measure your SaaS performance are, we’ve got the answers.


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“How to Take your SaaS Solutions to Market via the Channel”


Join Channel Mechanics and special guest speaker Nehul Goradia, as we explore how to take your SaaS Solutions to Market via the Channel. Discover:

– Firstly, the difference in SaaS Sales vs On-prem?

– The best Partner types to leverage for SaaS GTM Strategies

– The SaaS Pricing models working for New Business and for Renewals

– Channel activities most relevant for Incentivizing SaaS sales

– The most appropriate metrics/KPIs to use for measuring SaaS performance

– After that, the panel give their top tips for successfully leveraging the Channel for SaaS Solutions

– And finally, we put the audience questions to the panel.


SaaS Channel Sales

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