Webinar Download | Pitfalls To Avoid Launching and Scaling An International Channel

Pitfalls to Avoid Launching and Scaling an International Channel 

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Scaling an International Channel


Our webinar “Pitfalls to Avoid when Launching And Scaling an International Channel”  is now available to download. Listen in as special guest speakers, Justine Cross, Managing Director, EMEA Channels and Nehul Goradia, Co-Founder, Enabler ONE join Channel Mechanics VP Sales, John McArdle to discuss how best to plan for Success in Launching and Scaling an International Channel.


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Pitfalls to Avoid when Launching and Scaling an International Channel


Join Channel Mechanics and special guests Justine Cross and Nehul Goradia to explore Pitfalls to Avoid when Launching and Scaling an International Channel:

– Firstly, where established vendors scaling their channel come unstuck

– What a solid channel strategy and plan look like

– The skills profiles needed to build/scaling a channel

– How the right channel tools, processes and platforms can keep you on track

– And lastly, Top tips for building your channel right, first time


When scaling internationally, many companies look to establish a channel to do so. Like any aspect of growing your business, building a channel is more likely to be successful if you have pre-defined goals, an outline strategy and a plan for how to achieve it. However, many companies ignore these basic rules of business. They  just go for it – and then lament the fact that it didn’t work out. Therefore, finding, evaluating and recruiting the right partners requires a disciplined process and rigorous qualification. Defining common definitions of “success” for both you and your partners is critical to allow objective review of partnership outcomes.


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