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“Top 5 Channel Automation Benefits”

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Top 5 Channel Automation Benefits

If you missed our webinar “Top 5 Channel Automation Benefits” with guest moderator, globally renowned channel analyst, Mike Vizard and the Channel Mechanics team, we have some great news! The webinar is now available to download.


Digital business transformation may be the latest hot buzzword. But when it comes to transformation in the channel it all starts with automation.


Download “Top 5 Channel Automation Benefits” now!

Combining over 100 years of Channel Management experience, the Channel Mechanics team of Kenneth Fox, Phil Wright and Brett Martin sat down with global channel analyst Mike Vizard to discuss the “Top 5 Channel Automation Benefits” for vendors and distributors.


We all know digital process innovation is coming to the channel. In the future, manual processes are going to be replaced by automation as channel partners demand it. It’s no longer about the business side wanting a smoother transaction. Rather channel automation allows partners to have a better experience, increasing their stickiness.


The webinar examines the Top 5 Channel Automation Benefits that will give your company that competitive edge.


Download “Top 5 Channel Automation Benefits” now!

Compare the daily challenges your face with that of the audience with our poll questions and learn the best way to overcome those challenges with channel automation.

Download the webinar now!

Listen as we put audience questions to the panelists to learn when is the right time, or the right number of partners, to move to automation to execute channel programs. Or how to overcome conflict from your direct sales team when implementing a deal registration program for partners.


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Author: Brenda O’Sullivan, Marketing Manager, Channel Mechanics

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