Download “Get More Bang For Your Incentive Program Buck” … a Channel Mechanics Webinar feat. Forrester Principal Analyst, Tim Harmon

Get More Bang for your Incentive Program Buck

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Are you responsible for launching your channel incentive program? If so, this typical scenario might sound familiar:

(1) hear about a competitor’s incentive program,

(2) think of some new incentive model structure,

(3) engage a marketing agency to design the program,

(4) pay big bucks to said agency to automate and administer the incentive program,

(5) come away blind as to the effectiveness of said program.



But really, there is a better way!


Download our free webinar “Get more bang for your incentive program buck” with guest speaker, Tim Harmon and learn B2B companies’ best practices in how they:

• Employ a bullseye approach to target specific channel partner segments with specific incentive programs and promotional offers
• Reduce time to market, i.e., time to program design and implementation
• Effect EODB (ease of doing business) for their partners, amping their participation
• Realize higher return on program investment as a result.


Download the Channel Mechanics Webinar Now to understand how to get more bang for your incentive program buck!


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