The Channel Gathers To Ask “How Do You Gain Partner Mindshare?”

Partner Mindshare


Channel Focus, the world’s largest and most successful community in the IT and Telecom industry, recently hosted their latest webinar. Entitled “How Do You Gain Partner Mindshare”. This interactive webinar hosted by Rod Baptie, included Channel Mechanics CEO Kenneth Fox. In addition, Kenneth was joined on the panel by Kristine Stewart of Channel Impact, Heather Margolis from Spark your Channel and Chanan Greenberg from Model N.


Partner communication has never been been easy, no more so than during a global pandemic. With many vendors now struggling to capture partner mindshare, the panelists will provide invaluable insights into the strategies and tactics that are helping vendors break through the messaging cloud.


In the webinar, you will hear the panel of Kenneth, Kristine, Heather and Channan share their real world experience into:

– Firstly, specific tactics that are gaining partner mindshare and attention

– Key messaging that is resonating with partners today

– How to ensure the right message reaches the right person in your partners’ organizations

– Finally, real examples of out of the box thinking that partners are responding to


A truly great panel who discuss the key changes they see vendors making. While subsequently sharing real examples of what is working today.


To watch this free webinar, just click here to visit the Channel Focus Website.


Or to learn more about how Channel Mechanics are creating ease of doing business for vendors, please click here to schedule a customized demo of our channel enablement platform.



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