White Paper: Building the Business Case for Channel Program Automation

White Paper: Building the Business Case for 

Channel Program Automation

9 Drivers for Automating Channel Programs

Channel Program Automation

It’s Time For Channels To Move Into The Modern Tech Era!

A well-designed channel incentivization strategy – and the incentive programs that flow from it – pays big benefits. Before long, that success manifests as program expansion, involving hundreds or even thousands of partners, and dozens of new programs. So far so good. But wait, are you managing your channel incentivization strategy on a spreadsheet? A spreadsheet that is creaking at the seams as it grows in size day by day, ready to implode?  If so, it’s time for Channel Program Automation to ensure ease of doing business.


Whitepaper: Building the Business Case for Channel Program Automation…fill out the form on the right to Download


The time for a Channel Program Automation Technology Platform is Now

Managing a channel incentivization strategy on a spreadsheet is archaic. Spreadsheets don’t scale well, they don’t capture business processes. Besides that, channel partners have no visibility into their program participation and performance.  With technology changing how we do business, new robust commercial Channel Incentive Program Management (CIPM) technology platforms are readily available to make ease of doing business a reality. Our whitepaper highlights nine drivers on how to build an ROI-backed business case for a channel program automation technology investment.


Whitepaper: Building the Business Case for Channel Program Automation…9 Drivers for Automating Channel Programs

Download now and see the difference a Channel Program Automation technology platform can make to your channel pipeline.



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