Whitepaper | Five Ways Distribution Unleashes the Power of the Channel

Five Ways Distribution Unleashes the Power of the Channel

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The Power of Distribution Channels

Why use a distributor to sell your products and services? Like most things involving the channel, a vendor only gets out of distribution what they are willing to put into it. With this perspective in mind, it’s worth exploring, in detail, how distributors dramatically accelerate the rate at which any channel can grow.


Distribution: The Secret Weapon in Growing your Channel

The difference between a successful and mediocre channel program usually comes down to how well distribution partners are managed. All too often, vendors sign distribution contracts valued at hundreds of thousands dollars. And yet, they never see a return on that investment. The reasons for this are twofold. Firstly, many vendors simply don’t integrate distributors well enough into their channel programs. Secondly,  is that they fail to take full advantage of the most critical services a distributor provides.


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The Distribution Model Works

Most importantly, the distribution model has been proven in the channel. GTDC (Global Technology Distribution Council) members drive $150 billion in annual worldwide sales of products, services and solutions through dynamic business channels. Still not sure? Why not download the Channel Mechanics complimentary whitepaper and discover five ways distributors unleash the power of the channel.


Download: 5 Ways Distributors Unleash the Power of the Channel


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