Whitepaper | SaaS Sales Renewals – A Primer

How to Engage the Channel for Successful SaaS Sales Renewals

Whitepaper One: Sales Renewals – A Primer

SaaS sales renewals


If you operate within a SaaS business model, you have probably read quite a number of articles about renewals. In particular, content around the operational best practices required to succeed. However, you most likely have not come across much content about SaaS sales renewals through partners – not because there’s not a lot of interest, but because there has been a consistent dearth of information on this particular topic.


Like you, vendors have numerous questions in this area. Some include:

– Should I consider partners as part of my renewals channel strategy? If so, whom? For what types of renewals? For what types of customers?

– What are the risks of working with partners on SaaS renewal sales? Similarly, how do I manage them?

– How should I manage and support renewal partners? Should I offer a separate program, or not?

– How do I manage the costs of working with partners?

– What resources and organizational competencies does my organization need to invest in to ensure mutual success?

– How should I measure and communicate partner performance, both internally and externally?


In response to continued vendor requests for more information on SaaS sales renewals, we created a whitepaper series: How to Engage the Channel for Successful SaaS Renewals.

The series aims to share real-world practices that will inform and act as a prompt for further discussion and sharing. Not a primer on renewals per se, this first paper discusses the major issues facing vendors as they recruit and engage partners. Consequently, it provides some analytical frameworks for early decision-making. In addition, the follow on whitepaper will look at exploring best practices. And finally, the third paper will look at key metrics for renewals business through partners.

In order to provide multiple perspectives, key global learnings and practical, tactical advice, we’ve reached out to some leaders – your colleagues – in the industry. They represent different functions, and their companies represent different stages of SaaS evolution. Indeed, their wisdom works to create a 360-degree view of the challenges and opportunities you may be facing.


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Special Thanks To:

– Stuart Campbell, Renewals Manager at Nintex

– Bryan Koyano, Global Program Manager at Extreme Networks

– Donna Walter, Manager, Sales and Operations at Mitel

– Tim Willey, SVP Commercial Strategy and Operations at ForgeRock


To sum up, our hope is that these whitepapers will provide input into productive meetings within your own organization, as well as topics for discussion with your partners and counterparts in other companies.


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