How Should Distribution Account Managers Spend Their Time?

How Should Distribution Account Managers Spend Their Time? - Channel Mechanics

How Should Distribution Account Managers Spend Their Time?

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In an article featured in Channel Partners Magazine online, Channel Mechanics CEO, Kenneth Fox, details three ways a Distribution Account Manager would rather spend their time than deal with everyday operational issues.

In the complex ecosystem that is the sales channel, vendors, distributors and resellers exist in a state of symbiosis, ebbing and flowing with the ultimate goal of raising everyone’s bottom line. Overseeing these relationships are distribution account managers (DAMs) who act as liaisons between each link in the chain, coordinating communications, generating potential business leads and greasing the wheels to ensure that vendors and their partners are logistically effective.

On paper, relationship management is the foundation of that job description. In reality, however, this isn’t exactly the case. A majority of a DAM’s time is actually spent dealing with operational issues. Rather than acting as the line of communication between vendors and partners, DAMs too often find themselves filling the role of foreman in the channel industry, focusing on the nuts and bolts of distribution and coordination rather than high-level partnerships.

Consider what would happen if the minutia was eliminated from the equation. With operations and logistics handled, how would your Distribution Account Managers spend their time? Kenneth Fox puts forward three three good places in the article “How Should Distribution Account Managers Spend thieir Time”

Few understand the intricacies of planning and executing a marketing promotion like Distribution Account Managers. The coordination, communication and implementation involved in promotions create a mountain of data which paints a 360-degree picture of the entire process.”

The full article can be found on Channel Partners online.


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