MicroScope puts it’s questions to Kenneth Fox, CEO of Channel Mechanics

Channel Mechanics CEO, Kenneth Fox, recently took time out from his hectic day in the channel to speak with MicroScope, the IT Channel and IT Reseller News and Information publication, for their “Five Minute Interview” feature.

In the interview, Kenneth Fox, CEO Channel Mechanics, opens up on everything from what he feels the next five years holds for the channel “Five years is no longer possible to predict due to the rate of change in the industry. However, I would expect to see a consolidation of partners as the strength of cloud computing continues to grow, greater proliferation of vendors coming together in the channel to offer joint solutions, and lots of challenges for distributors in dealing with services rather than products” to the one temptation he cannot resist.

So if you’d like to learn a little more about what drives our CEO and gets him up in the morning, grab a cup of coffee and take five minutes out from your busy day. The full article can be downloaded here: Five minutes with Kenneth Fox, CEO Channel Mechanics

5 minute interview with MicroScope
Kenneth Fox, CEO Channel Mechanics


“I was able to fix my old Vauxhall Astra when it broke down. But with my current car I would not know where to start as everything is computerised”


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