The Cloud was made for the Channel

“The Cloud was made for the Channel”


March 2016

MicroScope, the number one news resource for computer resellers and suppliers, recently published “The Cloud was made for the Channel”. In the article, Channel Mechanics VP Global Consulting Services, Andy Simpson, discusses why he believes:

the ability to target specific audiences and launch programs anywhere with ease is something the cloud enables the channel to do“.

The cloud was made for the channel,” is perhaps not a view that you hear very often and one that certainly you would not have expected to catch as recently as a year ago.

Plenty of people took exactly the opposite view and saw a move away from physical product to a hosted environment as the death knell for resellers and distributors.

That view even persists in some stubborn pockets to this day and it has only been in the last 12 months that distribution has been able to start pushing back aggressively against those that question its role in a cloud world, as they show the value they can bring.

With hundreds of thousands of resellers, thousands and thousands of vendors and a thousand distributors, the channel provides an unprecedented opportunity to connect them and remove all the operational inhibitors that stop them from going to market in the way that they want.


Andy Simpson
Andy Simpson, Channel Mechanics

“We now see the need for companies that want to bring their programmes, promotions and pricing to market in as efficient way as possible and to remove these operational inhibitors. The ability to target specific audiences and launch programmes anywhere with ease is something that the cloud enables the channel to do”

The full article is available to view here:


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