Partner Portals Aim To Strengthen Vendor-Channel Relationships

Channel Mechanics CEO, Kenneth Fox, recently spoke with Nicole Lewis, business and technology journalist with Tech Target, about the importance of Partner Portals.

partner-portals-300x300In the article, “Partner portals aim to strengthen vendor-channel relationships”, Lewis looks at how large IT vendors, including Dell, EIQ Networks and Tufin Technologies Inc. are utilizing partner portals to give channel partners easy access to documentation, marketing support and information on deal registration.

“As manufacturers constantly look for ways to draw channel partners’ attention to their latest products, new discount deals and incentive programs, partner portals have become increasingly sophisticated and have been used to create deeper ties across the IT channel”

Guenter Alde, channel operations manager at Zebra Technologies contributed that “Portals solve a very important business need, and without them, it would be difficult to provide a mechanism for partners to participate in our partner program or, indeed, do business with us”

Our CEO, Kenneth Fox, contributed that “as manufacturers think about how they want to present their goods and services to channel partners, many vendors that want to launch a promotion or an incentive program at the simplest level have difficulty developing a portal that works for their channel partners and, as a result, the partner suffers”.

Fox firmly believes that manufacturers who have thousands of partners across the globe need help building out dynamic portals for partners to use to participate in the promotions they offer. He added that partners need a “clean” and “easy to use” portal that allows them to quickly and easily see what they are entitled to receive based on the tier of the program in which they are participating.

“If you build a dynamic portal that shows everything a partner is entitled it, it eliminates confusion and encourages partners to do repeat business with the vendor”.

The full article can be read on Tech Target

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