channelIT is the only cloud based software platform available today to guarantee the rapid deployment of any offer or bundled solution, to any end-user customer through any channel to market.

Solving your channel offer challenges

channelIT gives you the agility and flexibility to successfully design, launch and manage pricing, market promotions, and sales programs which are normally very complex and costly to bring to market.

It is a comprehensive platform that enables you to translate great sales ideas into executable market promotions and sales programs that can be targeted to the right profile of customer and partner in any given market. Our expertise and our technology give manufacturers the tools, data and insights to shape the channel they want for the customers they want with the offers they want.

Our technology allows manufacturers to move away from pure “point” product offers to bundles, solutions and multi-vendor solutions (including hardware, software and services).

For the first time the channel can be equipped with full solutions to solve the problems target end-customers are looking for.

Our Rapid Offer Deployment Methodology RODM™ not only structures the data to be used in an offer but also identifies which of our software modules should be used to automatically operationalize the offer.

Each of the modules is designed to support a range of channel offers, promotions and programs across the four sales and marketing phases of Awareness, Consideration, Understanding and Conversion.

Transforming performance right across the offer lifecycle. The modules that make up today’s channelIT platform are:

  • promoIT – allows you to target partners with specific promotional offers based on Intelligent Partner Profiles
  • demoIT – enables you to have complete control over demo entitlements in any channel community
  • catalogIT – enables you to publish a portfolio of your products and services for your resellers

  • priceIT – provides multi-level smart segmentation and multiple currency and real-time exchange rate management
  • licenseIT – enables you to simplify software license provisioning for your sales community
  • bundleIT – allows you to create solution bundles “on-the-fly”
  • solutionIT – enables you to extend beyond your own product mix to market multi-vendor solutions

The modules above draw on the following shared modules and the Virtual Entitlement Voucher® (VEV).

  • captureIT – enables you to enhance promotions with additional intelligence by prompting resellers for important information on a transaction before granting entitlement
  • acceptIT – allows you to setup programs that are conditional on various criteria, e.g. certificate of destruction etc
  • bundleIT – allows you to create solution bundles “on-the-fly”

  • claimIT – automates the management and workflow of rebates between vendors and distributors
  • integrateIT – enables you to synchronize and scale your channel capabilities by bringing the front-office and the back-office closer
  • VEV – delivers financial and program assurance to you, your partners and your distributors by providing full track and trace capabilities for program transactions

We have a solution roadmap which will see us add modules to the platform to meet the changing needs of the market and to deliver solutions at every phase in the offer lifecycle.

Certainty of results with no lock-in

Our multi-tenant platform gives you access to channel operational IP at a fraction of the cost of building those capabilities yourself or acquiring them from other application providers.

Because our platform is delivered as a service, it is an Opex not Capex based investment without any lock-in. So confident are we of the value and results we will deliver, we operate on a rolling one-month contract basis.

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