Brenda O’Sullivan

Brenda O’Sullivan, Marketing Manager, Channel Mechanics

Brenda O'Sullivan, Marketing Executive, Channel MechanicsBrenda O’Sullivan joined the Channel Mechanics team in January 2016 to head up the marketing function within the company. Having spent numerous years working for both multinationals and SME’s, she brings with her a wealth of sales and marketing experience. Her vast experience lies in both B2B and B2C environments, where she worked in both traditional and digital marketing roles.  Above all, Brenda is a passionate communicator with an enthusiasm for engaging people and building long term relationships. She is experienced in all marketing facets including traditional, inbound, customer, product and digital.


Brenda graduated from Galway Mayo Institute of Technology with an honors degree in Marketing. Following this, she attended the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) where she graduated with an MBS in Marketing. Here she concentrated her studies around services marketing.


Outside of work, Brenda loves to travel, with a penchant for warmer climates. She is also a keen fitness enthusiast, loving the great outdoors. You’ll often find her taking off for the weekend to go hiking and camping, particularly on trips to California.


To view some of the projects Brenda is working on, check out the Channel Mechanics Resources page for Infographics, blogs, webinars and more.


You can connect with Brenda O’Sullivan on LinkedIn here


If you think you’d like to join the Channel Mechanics Team, please check out our current vacancies here

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