John Bird

John Bird, Regional Sales Manager, Channel Mechanics


It is with great excitement that Channel Mechanics today announces the appointment of John Bird. John takes up the position of Regional Sales Manager within the company.


John joins Channel Mechanics bringing with him over 30 years of wide-ranging experience as a business growth leader. His career spans time with industry leaders Lotus Development, IBM and numerous early to mid stage start-ups. Consequently, John’s career has taken him all across the globe, working in the UK, Switzerland, South Africa, US, Israel and India. He has run multi-disciplined teams, predominantly in the Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution areas. His roles encompassing direct sales, channel sales, professional services and marketing in business areas ranging from Knowledge Management and Information Governance to Mobile Messaging.

Moreover, John recently spent five years working within a global Channel Incentives and Insights provider. Here his focus was on expanding their UK and EU presence and gaining customer acquisitions.

When not working, you will find John diving in his favorite long haul destinations. These include Vietnam, India , Malaysia and locations throughout the Indian Ocean. Nearer to home, he is an ardent follower of live Premiership football, rugby union and music events. All of which he is looking forward to regularly attending again with his wife and three sons.


On joining Channel Mechanics:

“When I first met Kenneth and the management team at Channel Mechanics, I was very impressed with their pragmatic and realistic business growth plans. Coupled with that, I felt their PRM platform was a well engineered, pure SaaS solution. In short, a solution our industry has been waiting for. Therefore, taking up the position of Regional Sales Manager was an easy decision to make.  All too often I see companies acquiring complex channel solutions. These intricate integrations lead to a disconnected value proposition and complex roll out. Channel Mechanics’ solutions, being built ground up as a SaaS, can be deployed in weeks. As such, I’m looking forward to spreading the word and showing what Channel Mechanics has to over .”

John Bird


Connect with John Bird on LinkedIn here


If you would like to join the Channel Mechanics Team, please check out our current vacancies here

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