Lynne Ryder

Lynne Ryder, Senior Quality Assurance Analyst, Channel Mechanics


Lynne Ryder, Channel MechanicsLynne Ryder joined the Channel Mechanics team as a Senior Quality Assurance Analyst in February 2019. From graduating with an honors MBS and BSc degree in I.T, Lynne has worked in various industries. With that, she brings over 10 years of both technical and project experience to Channel Mechanics.


Lynne gained international experience in her career when she spent over 4 years managing projects in the oil and gas industry in Canada. She is thrilled to be part of a young growing tech company and is excited for what the future holds. Simultaneously, Lynne is enthusiastic for the direction in which Channel Mechanics is moving.


Connect with Lynne Ryder on LinkedIn here or meet the rest of the Channel Mechanics team.


If you would like to join the Channel Mechanics Team, please check out our current vacancies here

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