Webinar: Bring Order to Channel Incentive Program Chaos

Bring Order to Channel Incentive Program Chaos with Tim Harmon, Wednesday 15th November 2017

Channel Incentive Program


There’s certainly no shortage of channel incentive programs today!  But in their current collective state, how effective are these programs?  Incentive programs: can be all over the map; may have no rhyme or reason; have purpose for which your guess is as good as mine.  Indeed, to many, “incentivization strategy” is an oxymoron.  But this doesn’t have to be the case.

Join Channel Mechanics and special guest Tim Harmon on November 15th for a webinar which will address how channel practitioners can apply goal-driven portfolio management principles to incentivization strategy and channel incentive programs, to spur revenue and engender partner loyalty.


Specifically, Tim Harmon and Channel Mechanics CEO, Kenneth Fox, will debate the foundational aspects – as well as the merits and pitfalls – of various incentive program approaches undertaken by tech vendors:

  • The game theory behind incentivization
  • Why short-term incentive programs (alone) don’t work
  • Channel incentive programs through the eyes of channel partners
  • The behaviors you should be incentivizing – but you’re not
  • The ROIPI (return on incentive program investment) power of analytics


Pick your preferred webinar time: 

Wed, 15 November 2017: 7:00am PDT/10:00am EDT OR

Wed, 15 November 2017: 10:00am PDT/1:00pm EDT



Can’t attend on the day? No problem. We understand you’re a very busy person. If you’d like to register, we’ll send you a link to the webinar recording afterward. That way you can view it in your own time…because we’re nice like that.


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