New Webinar: “Top 5 Channel Automation Benefits”

Webinar “Top 5 Channel Automation Benefits”

with Guest Moderator Mike Vizard, Wednesday, June 13th 2018

Channel Automation Benefits


    Webinar Details: Wed, 13th June @ 8:00am PST/11:00am EDT /16:00 GMT.


Top 5 Channel Automation Benefits!

Channel Automation isn’t a new term.  It’s been around for decades yet technology channels are slow to embrace the concept, instead allowing spreadsheets to dominate the management of everything from deal registration to MDF.

But vendors managing their channels from spreadsheets know how inefficient and costly it is to do so. Managing a 2-tier channel in 2018 means having to deal with a complex, fast-moving and competitive environment. Time and human resources are too scarce and valuable to tie up working with spreadsheets.

Channel Chiefs are looking to leverage channel automation to make informed decisions and adjust programs based on real-time market dynamics.

Learn more about how vendors and distributors such as Cisco, Extreme Networks, Zebra Technologies, LG Electronics, D&H and Comstor are using and profiting from channel automation technology by joining guest moderator Mike Vizard and Channel Mechanics executives, including CEO Kenneth Fox, to discuss the 5 most compelling channel automation benefits.


In our Channel Automation Benefits webinar, you’ll hear how vendors and distributors:

  • Have moved from spreadsheets to cloud-based channel enablement solutions to lower costs, increase efficiencies and accelerate revenue
  • Can increase ‘stickiness’ with partners and distributors through ease of doing business and accelerate time to revenue
  • Use real-time visibility into their channel offers to make informed business decisions
  • Verticalize their offers and truly segment the market making it difficult to compete against and reward partners for participation
  • Measure and manage program metrics to ensure Program ROI is achieved and gather business intelligence for future use.


Save the date and join us for 45 mins on Wednesday, June 13th.  We’re certain you’ll be captivated to learn the top 5 Channel Automation Benefits.


Webinar Details: Wed, 13th June @ 8:00am PST/11:00am EDT /16:00 GMT.


Can’t attend “Top 5 Channel Automation Benefits“? Don’t worry, if you’d like to register, we’ll send a link to the recording afterward.


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